This is a new Poem…

In Sainsbury’s, on a Sunday morn,
I found myself, amongst the corn-
Flakes, eggs, and bread, all on display,
A feast for the eyes, in every way.

But then, what’s this? A giant pea!
It’s rolling down the aisle towards me!
And there’s a carrot, hopping by,
And a potato, flying high!

I rub my eyes, I must be dreaming,
This is not what I came in for, I’m screaming!
But then, a voice, so full of cheer,
Says “Hey there, mate, have no fear!”

It’s the Sainsbury’s staff, in costume bright,
All dressed up for an Easter sight!
I laugh and join the jolly crew,
And dance down aisles, with not a care or clue.

So if you find yourself in Liverpool town,
On a Sunday morning, come on down,
To Sainsbury’s, where the veggies roam,
And have a silly, joyful home!