The first human/A.I. poem ever spoken to a crowd in performance. At Liverbards tonight…


From the canopies of Spifires
To the dance floors of the 70s,
Changes wrought immesurably
From the wars of liberty.
To the person of society
From here to eternity…

(Finish this poem please..chatgpt4)

From the whispers of the wind,
To the echoes of history,
We’ve journeyed far and wide,
In pursuit of life’s great mystery.

From the embers of revolution,
To the sparks of creativity,
We’ve woven tales of courage,
Defining our humanity.

In the depths of despair,
We’ve found our unity,
Rising from the ashes,
With a newfound clarity.

From the heart of compassion,
To the soul of empathy,
We’ve embraced our differences,
For a brighter destiny.

From the dawn of time,
To the edge of infinity,
We’ll keep striving forward,
For love, hope, and serenity.

In the grand tapestry of life,
Our threads entwine beautifully,
For we are the story,
From here to eternity.