Revenge, a fire that sears the soul, Dig two holes for me and you, The ground smells sweet with decay, In darkness, shadows dance and sway. My fury cools the days away, As bitter thoughts consume the fray, Yet deep within, a whispered plea, For solace, healing, to be free. Counting on revenge, I stand, […]

The Vogons: A Tale of Hidden Depths

Write a story about the Vogons in Hitchikers with an unexpected twist to their story in the books? Title: “The Vogons: A Tale of Hidden Depths” In a remote corner of the galaxy, far away from the Earth’s destruction and the misadventures of Arthur Dent and his companions, the Vogons live out their days on […]


The first human/A.I. poem ever spoken to a crowd in performance. At Liverbards tonight… Rise. From the canopies of Spifires To the dance floors of the 70s, Changes wrought immesurably From the wars of liberty. To the person of society From here to eternity… (Finish this poem please..chatgpt4) From the whispers of the wind, To […]